Wholesale high power LED Corn Lamps from China

Energy efficient under the same brightness, LED energy-saving corn lamps 1000 hours only 1 degree electricity consumption, ordinary incandescent 17 hours of electricity consumption, ordinary energy-saving LED corn lamps one hundred hours of electricity consumption.long life LED super energy-saving corn lamps use theory life can reach tens of thousands of hours, incandescent life 1,000 hours.healthy light contain ultraviolet and infrared, no radiation, no pollution. Ordinary energy-saving lamps and incandescent light contains ultraviolet and infrared.

Replacement tube for traditional fluorescent tube.This is suitable for products range of DIY store,hardware store,lighting store,supermarket,electronic store,catalogue marketing,internet shop and some project contractor wholesalers as:New house decoration tube.warhouse light, car packing house.hotel lighting.Ceiling LED corn light lamps.Effective lighting, high power,excellent heat dissipation, more safer.Lamp shade with acrylic material of antistatic processing.Chip with high power SMD2835 / SMD5730, more natural lighting.Low power consumption,longer lifespan.Comfortable visual sense, no flash, no glare, no IR radiation.Easy to install, environmental protection.Some items can support triac dimming function.Dimming type: triac dimmable.Dimming range: 0~100%.

We are a trading company, our products are only from reliable factories with strong R&D from china, production capability and serious quality high power warranty over 3Years.We are aiming at long and stable business relation with good manufacturers, we do not change any existing supplier to get extra profit, and we are very cautious to work with a new supplier before abundant evaluation. By this way, we can avoid many potential quality problem and we can be confident to offer reliable quality and after-sale service.  

Thanks to our business principle as above, all manufacturers respect our company and give us the best support including timely delivery, competitive prices and serious quality warranty. Our target is to be One-Stop supplier for green lighting products, we take our clients` profit in priority. we understand that our success must come from our hard /carefully/professional work to help clients save money and time and avoid failure purchasing from China market. our slogan is “we are one of you.”We promise reliable quality, reasonable prices,high power,timely service.

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