Cheap Led Corn Lamps


Energy and the environment is a major test of human faces in twenty-first Century, so the focus of the world’s green energy saving. Lighting, for example, the power consumption accounts for about 20% of the total, greatly reducing lighting electricity is an important way to save energy.Led Corn Lamps is an unprecedented opportunity in the field of lighting for its high efficiency and energy saving.

Led Corn Lamps emitting diode, light emitting diode (also called Light Emitting Diode, abbreviated as LED) is a kind of electrical energy into light energy semiconductor light emitting device, which belongs to the solid state light source. It is the use of solid semiconductor chips as light-emitting materials, when the two ends with the forward voltage, the carrier recombination in the semiconductor, the release of excess energy caused by photon emission. Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, the semiconductor cheap Led Corn Lamps source has incomparable advantages. Semiconductor LED very long working life, is 10 times the traditional lighting appliances, effectively reducing the cost; it is low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, energy saving, is the future energy strategy suitable candidates; Led Corn Lamps source has the advantages of small volume, light weight and strong applicability, and should be used for the design provides great flexibility; because of the high power LED light source is a solid white light bulb, does not need to be encapsulated in the vacuum glass, and resistance to shock and impact; Led Corn Lamps source or a free source of mercury.

Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 and Shanghai in 2010, the world’s attention to the theme of green energy saving as the theme, which gives the development of China’s Led Corn Lamps industry has brought a huge historical opportunity for the development of lighting industry. According to well-known research company ang Chi consulting (Sinotes) released the forecast, in the Olympic Games and World Expo driven by strong scale Chinese, LED lighting market will be 9 billion 810 million yuan from 2007 to 2010 the rapid growth of 4 billion 850 million yuan. In the global energy shortage and environmental protection gradually increased, with the high brightness cheap Led Corn Lamps technology, the use of advantages of long service life, energy saving, green environmental protection, along with the rapid development of LED technology, make LED become a common lighting time is getting closer, will become the history of lighting after incandescent lamp, fluorescent the new lamp lighting revolution.

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