Energy saving cheap LED corn lamps with high quality

Energy saving,compared to traditional energy saving cheap LED corn lamps on the condition of same illumination, save up to 70%~80%.Green and eco friendly without mercury ,Low noise, no UV and IR in the beam,a safe cold light source,safe for human.Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes Super long life span up to 50,000hours, ten times to traditional energy-saving LED corn lamps.Easy installation and conventional use, direct replacement of traditional bulb and low maintenance.

Ectruded aluminum g12 structure, excellent heat dissipation. Quality PC material for G12 base, high temperature resistance, long life span!Exquisite workmanship, we focus on every single detail, make sure superior product inner and outer!Quality Epistar 2835smd led chip, high lumen up to 100lm/w, CRI>80.CE proved led driver, with rubber sealed inside, keep low temperature and work stable!LED corn led lamp is 50%-70% energy saving then CFL, 80%-90% energy sacing than LED corn lamps!

LED corn light with 360 degree beam angle design to make the light radiating uniformly to the ground.Easy replacement, LED Street Bulb could directly replace the traditional E40 or E27 LED corn lamps Base CFL, HPS, HM in IP65 or IP67 fixtures.80% more energy saving compared with traditional lamps.High CRI with great directionality, CRI>80.Solves 4 difficulties for LED packaging, heat sinking, operational lifespan, luminous efficiency.High Luminous Efficiency, more than 100-130LM/W.27W-120W version without fan!

360 degrees lighting beam, used as light source of decorative lighting.Replace traditional incandescent or energy saving LED corn lamps directly, 80% energy saving.Aluminum material in the middle, so that heat dissipation well. Constant current source desigh, low decay and long lifespan above 30000Hours.Non-ultraviolet of RF interference, no flickering, no harm material like mercury, environment friendly.High voltage isolated LED driver is more safe, low voltage power supply can be used in LED solar system.

Heat dissipation:LED corn light bulb use superior raw materials, made of high quality aluminum which helps heat dissipation.Energy saving:High power LED corn light bulb save 80% more energy compared with traditional light source cost saving.Cost saving:Low consumption of power and the rate of conversion of over 95%.Driver constant:Advanced IC constant current driver with short / open current protection, over / low voltage protection, and low consumption.Eco-friendly:No harmful radiate spectrums such as UV or infrared ray radiation included, and mercury free.Long lifespan:30w led light bulb more than 30000 hours working lifetime, low cost of maintenance.Use easily :High power 30w led light bulbs no noise or flickering.Superior thermal performance, high applicability, easy to install and maintain.

360 degree high brightness E27/E14/B22 LED corn light bulb

360 degree LED corn light beam, good color, high brightness and high color restoration.Energy efficient, low power consumption, it can save 80% energy compared with traditional halogen and incandescent lamp.Convenient in use, adopt E27, E14 and B22 interface. LED corn Lamp size is same with halogen lamp, which can instead of traditional lighting lamp directly.Long life span, it can be used as long as 50000 hours, which is up to 10 times conventional incandescent lamp.Green and environment friendly, no radiation, no mercury pollution.CE certificated and ROHS compliant,passed EMC and LVD test, safe and reliable.

Unique structure design, removable power supply and light source (easier for power supply and light source replacement if needed).Led corn light has Aluminum fin-shape heat sinking and active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.Function of protect from thunder damage: power supply will stop work When the function start, the power supply needs to be restarted to run.Temperature protection fuction: When the temperature reached 95℃ start temperature protection function, power supply power to half power, when the temperature down to about 50℃ power supply full power is restored.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.Very low energy consumption, Lower thermal output.Popular, ballast free, easy installation.Not suitable for dimmers, electronic switches and remote controls.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary LED corn light bulbs.

Environment friendly and energy saving, long lifespan, high brightness, good color rendering and low power consumption.High quality LED as the light source.Expertised heat sinking design with high brightness performance.Widely used for indoor lighting: hotel, restaurant, shops, business lighting, home lighting,ect.CE certification and ROHS compliant.

We have two large production lines:One is the LED lighting applications, including LED Corn light, LED Tube light, LED Panel light,LED flood light, LED Corn Light Bulb, LED Street Light, LED Spot light, LED down light and so on, all of which are widely used for city lighting decoration, indoor home decoration, hotel decoration, stage lighting, signal lamp, road lighting and so on;The other is the LED driver including constant voltage and constant current, all of which are widely used for indoor and outdoor LED corn lights.”Profession creates perfection” is our belief. We are persevering in doing research independently and managing quality control strictly. Excellent quality and high reputation makes us to be the good supplier of international renowned enterprises and attracts good business partners. Our products have been exported to all over the world and are very popular among these areas.