High quality for energy saving bulb e27 led corn light

LED corn lamp newest popular design, more elegant and shipping cost saving.High efficacy, Minimal 80 lm/W, up to 100 lm/W.180 degree widest beam angle.Super bright, no glare,UVor IR free.Competitive price, CE&RoHS approved.With isolated driver and double insulated connection.Life Span > 50,000hrs.3 Years warranty.Sample order is acceptable.

Great Light Design,KW-LC Model led corn light bulb is a leap in quality compared to bulbs low-energy or incandescent or Metal halide bulb or halogen lamps as it represents a much more efficient lighting in both consumption and useful life.It has a high quality heat spreader significantly reduces the emission of heat. It has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. It contributes to improved environmental protection. Its wide angle opening provides general lighting with maximum efficiency.Replacing conventional bulbs in all kinds of urban street lights and bells insdustriales ,and good solutions for new install lighting project.

Fin-like 1050 Pure Aluminum radiator, larger heat dissipation area, fan applied, making the heat dissipation function better.Spinning or insertion-extraction installation, easy to handle.Straight light-emitting, 360° beam angle.Imported LED chips, high light efficacy, energy-saving.Aluminum PCB with great thermal conductivity function and heat sink, better heat dissipation, ensure long life-span.3 years warrany, life-time maintainence at cost price.Assembly line work and large-scale production make the performance and quality guaranteed.

Unique structure design, removable power supply and light source (easier for power supply and light source replacement if needed).E27 Led corn light has Aluminum fin-shape heat sinking and active air exchanging cooling system in order to speed up heat dissipation.Function of protect from thunder damage: power supply will stop work When the function start, the power supply needs to be restarted to run.Temperature protection fuction: When the temperature reached 95℃ start temperature protection function, power supply power to half power, when the temperature down to about 50℃ power supply full power is restored.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.Very low energy consumption, Lower thermal output.Popular, ballast free, easy installation.Not suitable for dimmers, electronic switches and remote controls.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs.

LED corn lamp widely used for home, shopping center and office lighting and decoration of park, stage etc. Bars, coffee house lighting.Decoration bulbs lamps, ceiling lights, cabinet lighting.Led corn light wildly used in Street lighting, Roadway lighting, Area Lighting, Pathway lighting, Parking Lots, Garden lighting.

High quality E26/E27/E39/E40 LED corn lamps

Direct replace 350W-450W HPS or MHL E40 120W LED Corn Light is designed to direct replace 350W-400W HPS or MHL.The 120W LED corn lights with unique 360degree beam angle and 12sides ensures perfect light distribution.Solve Problems: Heat Dissipation.New Sunshine E40 LED Corn lights have been resolved the heat sink issue reasonably,we use fin-shape aluminum heatsink built-in,there is cooling fan inside which lengthens life span to achieve the purpose of saving energy, reducing emissions. Of Course Energy Conservationthe maintenance cost and electricity bills,but also significantly reduce energy demand and greenhouse-gas emissions.

Use SMD Led as the light source,green and enviroment friendly.Plastic PC cover to insure the safety,no glare,no speckle.Durable structure &stable performance .Constant led driver,no flickering,no humming during operating.Green and health protection,no pollution,more comfortable for our vision.No UV or IR (infra-red) radiation,no mercury or lead,eco-friendly.Energy-saving: saving 70-80% than the traditional bulb; 50% energy saving than the normal CFL light.

LED corn light adopts standard E26/E27/E39/E40 LED corn lamp holders, which is highly optimized for general use in the market.It can replace traditional auger-type or bayonet type incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps but no need of any changing,and it is easy and convenient to install or change.Under the same brightness,it saves more 90 percent energy than traditional incandescent lamps.Its service life is as high as 50000 hours or more,which is 50 times longer than that of incandescent lamps.

Certificate: ISO9001.Experience: Over 6 years OEM & ODM experience on specialized LED corn Light. Excellent service on before-sale, on-sale and after-sale: Quick Response, all your questions will be answered within 24 hours. Our motto is: “Quality first, Customer utmost”. We have professional sales team, who is not only a replier but also a problem solver, we always give customers the most feasible marketing suggestions according to their own market mode.Monthly production capacity: up to 50,000 pcs on a LED Corn Light.

High Power, high lumen, high quality Save 80% more energy compared with traditional lighting fixtures.Easy to install and use, secure and reliable.No UV or RF interference, No mercury or lead, Over current protection.Light body is made of good quality aluminum+pc cover, exiguity and unique design,excellent heat dissipation.High quality, high efficiency, high CRI & luminous flux, long life span>50000hrs.High brightness, low consumption, green for environment.Pc cover, 360° for your choice.Built-in Meanwell LED Power Supply (with UL certification and 5 Years warranty provided) ,it can work efficiently under AC85-265V in different countries and regions.Protection grade is IP64 waterproof for outdoor&indoor use.

Widely used in Store, Warehouse, Parking lot, Gas station, Metro station, Supermarket, Home, Office , Workshop, Street, Garden .etc.LED corn bulb series are energy-saving, high luminous efficiency with low working power.Recessed mounted for easy installation.